Go for growth by trading on your terms

If you buy cryptocurrency or invest for a living, zondacrypto Corporate is our tailored cryptocurrency trading service. Remove deposit and trading limits, receive extra support and start going for growth on our regulated crypto exchange.

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Tailor your trading with zondacrypto Corporate 

Choose from a series of advanced trading options to tailor your trading. Plus, get round-the-clock support from one of our team.


Generate capital for your business

With a corporate account, you can take advantage of the long-term ROI that crypto offers to build additional business capital.


Deposit and withdraw in fiat currencies without limits

You can make deposits and withdrawals in fiat currencies like USD, GBP, EUR and PLN without daily limits. The funds in your account are always ready for you to use.


Get dedicated support

You’ll get a dedicated onboarding manager from the start, helping you to begin using our platform, start investing and personalise your trading.


Reduce your fees

If you’re trading frequently, we can negotiate your fees to give you a better deal. We’ll calculate this based on the amount you’re trading.
Different ways to trade with zondacrypto Corporate

Once you’ve tailored your financial terms, there are several ways to use our zondacrypto crypto exchange. It’s accessible through your desktop, the zondacrypto App or even your own trading platform by using our API. Plus, you can customise your experience with zondacrypto Pro.


Download the app

Our app gives you access to live exchange rates, allows you to track currencies and make investments. It’s our best crypto exchange experience, anytime, anywhere.


Get the API

You can trade on the zondacrypto Exchange while using your own crypto trading platform. All you have to do is download an API, which will help the two pieces of technology sync together seamlessly.


Go to PRO level

zondacrypto Pro is a free module available on our platform. It gives users more possibilities to personalise our cryptocurrency exchange for their needs. With PRO you can, for example, track the flow of your funds or use more filters. You can activate this module at any time after registering your account.

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Get even more bespoke

If you want to tailor your trading even further, let’s discuss. Boost your trading by making things even more bespoke, from your trading terms to your platform experience.

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Supercharge your business. Charge your customers in crypto.

zondacrypto Pay helps your business accept cryptocurrencies as payment, both on marketplaces online or in-store. Supercharge your business by allowing customers to pay in the next generation of currencies.