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Earn money by getting your friends on the zondacrypto Exchange

Do your friends or followers want to trade using the next generation of money? If you refer people to our zondacrypto Exchange, you can earn up to 80% of the commission we make from the people you refer.

Earn rewards that last a lifetime 

Once your referrals set up an account on zondacrypto, you can earn up to 80% of the commission we make from their trading. The percentage of commission you earn depends on how many people you invite. 

How to sign up to our Affiliate Programme

Go to your account

Once you’ve signed up to zondacrypto, log in and go to your account on our exchange panel.


Join our programme

Go to the Affiliate Programme section on the left side of your exchange panel. Click the ‘Join the Affiliate Programme’ button. Then, you’re ready to go and start earning.


Download our brand materials

You can download zondacrypto graphics and brand materials and use them wherever you like. This might help when sharing information about zondacrypto on social media.


Start earning

We’ll continue to add funds to your account, even while you sleep. You’ll receive the money in the currency your referral used in their transaction.


Increase your earnings

Recommend more people and see your earnings go up. Not only will you benefit from having more people earning you a percentage of commission, but the percentage will go up the more referrals you make.

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Easily glance at your balance as it grows

You can easily track how much you’re earning by visiting your account panel. As your referrals use the zondacrypto Exchange, watch your money go up.

Sign up and start earning

Whether you’re an influencer with a big following or someone looking to recommend friends, sign up and start earning today.

Sign up for free

Increase your earnings

Number of new accounts registered per month Commissione per il programma di affiliazione
More than 50 25%
More than 100 30%
More than 300 40%
More than 500 50%
More than 1000 60%
More than 3000 70%
More than 5000 80%