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Crypto is the next generation of money, and zondacrypto pay helps your business accept cryptocurrencies as payment – online or in-store. Get your business ready for payments in the currencies people use today, tomorrow and in the future.

A gateway getting you ready for Bitcoin and more

zondacrypto pay is a payment gateway powered by blockchain technology. Add our smooth payment experience to your online checkout to give customers more choice about how they pay. Or use our POS Terminal App to allow your customers to make crypto payments in-store.

Withdraw FIAT with conversion to crypto

Use zondacrypto pay to withdraw FIAT with conversion to crypto. All you need is a Euro in your account. Thanks to the functionality of withdrawals with currency conversion, this is possible:



Through our dedicated zondacrypto pay admin panel.



Implement this solution, on the side of your back office.

Choose which currency you take out

We want to give business owners as much choice as possible. So when it comes to taking money out of the business, you can take your pick on what currency you want and how you withdraw it.

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Withdraw in EUR

Otrzymane płatności mogą zostać automatycznie przewalutowane na Euro. Zgromadzimy na Twoim saldzie przychody wygenerowane z bramki płatności i terminala POS. Wypłać zebrane środki na swój rachunek bankowy w dowolnym momencie. To Ty decydujesz jak i kiedy wypłacasz.


Withdraw in crypto

While our automatic exchange is an important feature of zondacrypto pay, we’re all about freedom of choice. So, you can also easily withdraw funds in a choice of our selected cryptocurrencies.

Put zondacrypto pay into practice

Forex 01

zondacrypto pay can help your Forex platform allow people to start trading using cryptocurrencies. Our payment gateway is accessible also for forex platforms, so you can easily make deposit to your Forex account by using zondacrypto pay. It is also much faster than traditional wire transfers, so your customers can quickly top up and start trading.

iGaming 02

Many iGaming platforms find it difficult to add traditional forms of payment to their platforms. It’s one of the reasons why crypto in iGaming is on the rise. zondacrypto pay can help you make this happen. Use it so your customers can transfer money to your platform and start using tomorrow’s currencies, today.

Online Entertainment 03

Video streaming and tv series are often impulse purchases. But sometimes, wire transfers that can take a couple of days might be your customers’ only option of making a payment. That’s where zondacrypto pay’s instant speedy crypto payments can help. Get your customers the entertainment they want and get paid fast.

Online marketplaces
Let your clients to profit from their investments by purchasing goods and services. Possibility to pay in cryptocurrencies will give them more options in choosing payment methods. It might increase your sales and expand your client portfolio. Attract crypto enthusiasts with the innovative zondacrypto pay payment gateway.
For business owners and online merchants, our gateway brings convenience to crypto payments. When a customer clicks to purchase, a payment is processed in just a few moments. It gives customers a seamless online experience and allows your business to start working on orders straightaway.
Retail and services
For bricks and mortar retailers, all that’s needed to receive a payment is a zondacrypto pay account, a camera phone, internet connection and our mobile POS Terminal App. It works by one of your employees putting in the amount in your chosen fiat currency. The app then returns a QR for your customer to scan before the transaction is finalised. It’s simple, easy to use and is designed to make each transaction last
10 seconds or less.

It’s easy to get paid in Bitcoin and others



Dedicated support

We’ll give you an Onboarding Manager and Developer to help your business get up and running. With the help of our team, accepting crypto payments is easier than ever.

Start straight away

If you don’t need our support, all of our powerful financial tools and technologies are self-service. They’re easy to download and start using. And we’re always here to answer any questions you might have along the way.
Download the plugin that fits your business

Our plugins offer quick and easy integrations with popular eCommerce platforms.


Please visit our desktop website to download plugins.


POS zondacrypto pay

Easy to use Point of Sale app that allows retailers and service providers to accept cryptocurrency payments with immediate conversion to FIAT currencies (EUR). Just download our POS app and see how simple payments can be.

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