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Buy and sell on a safe platform

zondacrypto Exchange is a fully regulated crypto exchange and we’ve been operating since 2014. We have a licence with the Finance Intelligence Unit (FIU) and robust anti-money laundering procedures in place. So you can trust us while you trade.
  • Fully regulated by FIU
  • Advanced anti-money laundering procedures
  • Operating since 2014




Exchange multiple currencies

Because zondacrypto is regulated, you can exchange fiat currencies like EUR, USD, PLN or GBP into cryptocurrencies and back again. And even though we’re a crypto trading platform, you can also exchange fiat currencies with one another.
  • Fiat to Crypto
  • Crypto to Fiat
  • Crypto to Crypto
  • Fiat to Fiat




Easy fiat deposits and withdrawals

Whether you're investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any other crypto available on zondacrypto, you can easily deposit and withdraw in fiat currencies, including EUR, GBP or PLN. The process is smooth too. You can use your card, instant bank transfer or traditional bank transfer.
  • Card
  • Instant bank transfers
  • Traditional bank transfers
zondacrypto has all the tools for the trade

We’re building an ecosystem of trading tools for everyone. Our Individual Exchange is a way for everyone to start investing on our crypto exchange. Our Corporate Exchange is a dedicated place for those who invest in cryptocurrencies for a living, with tailored credit limits and extra support.

  • Generate capital for your business
  • Deposit and withdraw in fiat currencies without limits
  • Use our dedicated trading API
  • Reduce your fees the more you invest
  • Register and get started quickly
  • Exchange in multiple currencies
  • Deposit and withdraw in fiat currencies without limits
  • More than 50 currencies available
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Making crypto less cryptic

We believe in making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a trading expert, the zondacrypto Academy will give you some useful tips to get started or step up your game.

Start trading on the zondacrypto Exchange in 5 steps


Create an account.


Enter your email address and set a strong password. We will send you an activation link to the address you have entered.

Verify your account.


You’ll go through a two-level verification process. Because we’re a regulated crypto exchange, this is so we can verify all of our investors, making zondacrypto Exchange a safe place to buy and sell currencies.

Secure your account.


This step is optional, but we recommend it. To protect your money and data, use our two-factor authentication security, powered by Google Authenticator.

Make a deposit.


Choose your currency and make a deposit to your zondacrypto Exchange account using a card, instant bank transfer or traditional bank transfer. Quickly upload funds to our crypto exchange.

Start trading.


Log in to your account. Choose your preferred cryptocurrencies and start investing with your funds on our crypto trading platform.

1. Create an account.
2. Verify your account.
3. Secure your account.
4. Make a deposit.
5. Start trading.

Buy and sell at the touch of a button.

Our app gives you access to live exchange rates, allows you to track currencies and make investments. It’s our best crypto exchange experience, anytime, anywhere.

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